HIVR Service

IVR Service

Deliver your callers a customized experience with our feature-packed cloud IVR system

Hosted Interactive Voice Response

In today's competitive marketplace,businesses need to make sure their customers are given the best experience when dealing with them .This often involves big investments in IT infrastructure and services can go a long way in helping a business reduce costs.

IVR Service
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 Low total cost of ownership,since hardware is deployed at our data centres
 Big savings due to no investment in IT management,use of centralised hosting and transfer of calls over the internet
 Real-time monitoring and analyzing call traffic using our comprehensive solution
 Ability to design your own IVR processes through our on demand,self-help IVR designer

With our Hosted IVR voice response service (HIVR) solution,your business no longer needs to worry about hardware and software infrastructure investment required for great customer experience.Our hosted platform can also significantly reduce the turnaround time required to setup the customer experience business process,as all the necessary infrastructure is available and ready to use.



 Integrate calls with external Text to Speech(TTS) or Automatic Speech Recognition engines such as Nuance
 Easy integration with your existing back-end systems,including CRM,database applications through web-based APIs
 Hosted self-help process that integrates with your e-mail and query systems

HIVR Solution?

 We offer ready-to-use IT infrastructure for hosting and handling calls
 Our solution requires extremely low investment for set up and maintenance
 With us you get significant reduction in the turnaround time for setting up the IVR process
 We given you easy integration with your existing systems and processes
 Our solution is customisable as per your business requirements

IVR Voice Response Service