Best Email Marketing Strategy in 2022

Best Email Marketing Strategy in 2022


Introduction: (What is Email Marketing?)

Email Marketing is a process to the sending electronics messages, specifically to certain group of peoples with the help of email. Eventually every email sent to the specific type of person or existing customer of particular company it could be considered as email marketing. It includes promotional email (advertisement), informative email, Update Email and so on. Email marketing is part of direct marketing and most effective digital marketing tactic.

It can play very important role in digital marketing strategy for generate the leads, awareness of brand, create loyalty & trust, and establish relationship between consumer and Business to engage customer for purchase through various marketing emails.   

Why Email Marketing? 

Importance of Email marketing we understood with an example. In 1978, Gary Thuerk used Email Marketing as new method of direct communication to send initial commercial email to 400 high potential people and the email generates 13 million dollar sale through Bulk Email Marketing.

Bulk Email marketing is a popular marketing tool for businesses causes it influencing the person to take some action either unread email shows then until the read, delete or archived. In 2015 study by the U.K based Marketing Association found that in a spent of every 1 dollar, email marketing average return on investment (ROI) of 38 dollar. It means email marketing ROI is 3800% which is more than other medium of marketing.

Pros and Corns of Email Marketing:



Costing: Pricing of Email Marketing is cheaper than other marketing techniques. there is no any extra fees like advertising, printing etc. If you have skill to write and design a creative mail and having a effective strategy for it then the cost of email marketing can very low. And the Return of Investment (ROI) is higher.  

User base: The User base of Email is increase 1 billion every year. In 2019 email users are 3930 Million, in 2020 their 4037 million and in 2021 4147 million. And according to statista in 2020 the number can touch to 4258 million. The statistic is below.  


Flexible and very customizable Design: Email has flexible and very customizable design. You can use only plain text, graphics design, attachment, HTML Design and various other options in there. Using these factors possible to design personalized customer experience, also spent time to learn about your target audience.  

Permission: The user data of Email Marketing are mostly provided by user. It means user gives permission sent email to them. And customer can really interest in your service/product to engage with your Brand.

Scalability:  You can use to send bulk email for large scale of audience as well as short targeted list of peoples. 

Time Saving: With the use of automation trigger emails to send user base on their actions. like user sign up then sent Welcome mail, sign in then sent sign in information email for security purpose, discount offer mail, and so on. You just need to design email template once and set automation for it.

Conversion and Increase the Sales: If you have a list of potential people and you can use click on links or follow its call-to-action in this case email marketing is very effective at all stage of selling process. May be customer cannot make purchase today but its high chance to made purchase in future.

Measurability (Data Tracking): The Analysis and evaluate of email marketing campaign result is easy through Web Analytics which is provide by Bulk Email Marketing service companies. You can also easily test various copy, design theme subject with most effectively. And using these data you can optimize your future campaigns.  

Marketing as well as branding: Email Marketing is also technique for marketing as well as branding. If you are performing campaign with fresh or new data of users then it is first step of your marketing. And if you want to convince your existing customer for your new product or service then trustworthiness of your brand good possibility to made conversion from Branding through Email Marketing. 

Build customer relationship: Email is best way to made personalized Email contact with your Existing Customer. e.g. to send email when customer can sign in for security enhancement, using AI/ML send Interest base email and build trust and user experience with company which is rise the revenue of Firm.

Benchmark: You can do comparison between your niche industries. On internet many free marketing benchmarking reports are available. You can find it from Google. The data of benchmarking is helping to evaluation of priorities improvement.

Test before you send: Before the starting the campaign you can test the emails on your test mails list. You can check A/B testing of Subject or content, effectiveness, design and attachments before the sending the mass emails. If any error found on testing then you also correct it.

Less intrusive:  User has a freedom if they dont want to get emails from your side.  User can unsubscribe them self from getting future emails.

Easy to share: Customers can easily share email by just tapping on forward button.

Real time marketing: Email Marketing cans real-time marketing using the automation triggering of customer. For an example use of website activity and send mail according to last activity like recent purchases, adding product in cart, etc. This is right time to target customer for offer and influence for porches.



Not Delivered:Worst content, bad design of email and spammy keyword or characters in subject heading or content of email like $s, Free, Sale, click here, etc are filtered by email software and ISP (internet service provider). Any correction in actual email address or incorrect list of emails cannot react to target audience.

Sent in Spam: Due to spammy keywords or phrases in subject or spammy link contains in main content of email then these types of email place in "SPAM" or "JUNK" instead of inbox. Consumers can irritate from spam or junk mail. Many time the delete all spam mails once and clean spam section in the mail. For Email Marketing you need to understood privacy and data protection rules.

Designing Issues:  To make Multiple Device responsive design is very difficult. May be some time trade-off between the designing and functionality.  

Email Open Rate: Most of Emails can delivered successfully in Inbox of user. But some time user just read subject and delete the mail without open it. Writing best subject heading can made chance to open email.

Competition: We are pursuing from the era of high competition. In this time people ignore or delete without reading the promotional mails. So monitoring of Click-through rates (CTR) and traffic. And Continuous Measurement of Email Campaign.

Categories by Email Service Providers: Specifically in Gmail are Some Categories like "Promotional", "Social", and "Update". When your email in promotional category then most of user can delete all mail or archived mails. Thats why CTR (Click through Rate) goes down.

Unsubscribe:  User can free to "Unsubscribe" from getting emails from your side. Hence improve content, graphics design and overall quality of Email.